Wednesday, April 23, 2014


This past weekend, I had the exciting opportunity of getting all glammed up and heading out to Coachella on a sponsored trip with Herbal Essences & Socialstars by Crowdtap!

You know, they say, “when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.” I say, when Herbal Essences creates a body wash, you run as fast as you can to the store and buy it.

I was lucky enough to go to the Coachella Music Festival to test whether Herbal Essences new body wash can really keep you smelling good in the most trying times!

As an east coast girl, any opportunity for a chance to bask in the sunshine, listen to live music and stare off to endless rows of palm trees becomes an instant no brainer. Coachella is the perfect combination of all of these things…it is also located in the middle of the desert which means two things.. A it got extremely HOT  and B I got extremely DIRTY.

If you have followed me for some time, you may know by now that, I would not win any awards at the Hygiene Olympics because I hate washing my hair. Instead, I pack an obscene amount of baby powder and dry shampoo in my mane, and use my showers as a chance to rinse off my body and keep me smelling good…(and my dirty hair a secret ;). If it wasn't for HerbalEssences body wash, I’m not sure how I’d manage. Honestly, the hardest part was choosing between their five new amazing scents: Totally Twisted, Honey I SmellGood, Hello Hydration, Body Burst, and Happy Go Lather! 

Being a VIP guest all weekend with Herbal Essences, the perks were endless. Front row and backstage access to the concerts, gorgeous "glamping" accommodations, Rose Garden dining and - my favorite! - bumping elbows with the celebs (shout out to my fave Kyle Richards aka my new BFF…YES we totally had a moment).

 DAY 1
I finished off Day 1 after seeing Outkast with the girls (and dancing my face off) smelling less than delightful, so when we got back at the end of the night, I rinsed off with Hello Hydration: a delicious coconut- scented body wash that left me smelling fresh even after a day when the temps got over 95. Who couldn’t use a little more hydration in the middle of the sprawling desert?

With concerts from sun up to sun down in the blazing desert heat, the other Coachella Herbalistas and I quickly realized we needed a mid-day escape from the heat to shower and refresh and then sneak away to the Rose Garden for a little R&R and froyo from The Church Key (omg, y’all).  Surrounded by thousands of roses, there was definitely an overwhelming smell in the air. I have to take some of the credit for the beautiful scent because I showered in the AM with Herbal Essences HappyGo Lucky, which has a sweet rose scent. Any way you slice it, it was a nice break from the typical sand and musk combination everyone else had going on.

 DAY 3 
Prepping for my last night at Coachella, I started my morning with a quick rinse using Total Twisted body wash by Herbal Essences. Much to my surprise, this prepared me for Lana Del Ray’s performance. I'm pretty sure it's safe to say she might have gotten a little "Totally Twisted" herself that morning, but I promise it was not off the same herbal as mine! (It’s ok you forgot your own lyrics, Lana, I'm still a fan.)

Looking back on my weekend I couldn't be more thankful for the experience. New friendships were formed, music was in the air, laughter was in abundance—and I smelled amazing when I had no right to!

 All around, it was an unforgettable trip. Until we meet again, Coachella! Herbal Essences body wash, I’ll see you when I get home ;)

A collection of fun shots from my personal #CoachellaHerbalista Instagram feed

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Little Miss Boho

Top | Forever 21
Shorts | Poshmark ( Brand is Hunting Bird) cute option
Necklace | c.o Loves Affect
Flower crown | Forever 21 Loving this & this
Shoes | Tory Burch 
Clutch | Francescas
Earrings | Kate Spade 
Sunglasses | Ray Ban 

Still California dreaming…
I just got back from an amazing 5 days at Coachella! 
I channeled my inner flower child all weekend long. 
I'm quickly learning Cali may be just the place my heart feels at home. 
Excited to share my Coachella experience with you all tomorrow!

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