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Happy Halloween!! 
Bringing out a little fun snakeskin print for tonight, these Alixandra Collections leggings are just the perfect pair. Temperatures are dropping here in New England, so this over sized wrapped jacket it just the extra layer I need to stay warm but still look chic. 
I hope you all have a fabulous night & be safe! 



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Cardigan | Windsor Store c.o 
Necklace | Alixandra Collections c.o 
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Bracelet | Alixandra Collections c.o 
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Lipstick | MAC MAC red 


Hair Color

Q:What color line do you use?
A:I use both AVEDA and Keune Hair Cosmetics 

Q:What color technique do you use? 
A:For your hair I typically do a heavy weaved foil, sneaking in a mixture of natural colored lowlights for contrast. 

Q:All over color vs. foil highlighting? 
A:This is a tricky question, its really just preference. Depending on natural hair color, around 6 weeks out, you will notice a stronger growth line with an all over color or lightener. Instead we do a heavy highlight which gives you a softer regrowth line. 

Q:What factors come into play when achieving blonde hair? 
A:Natural color is the number 1 factor in achieving the cool blonde we get for you. Of course other things come into play like toner and allowing the hair to process enough past the "yellow" stage. Your hair is a natural level 7 (on the natural level scale 1 being black and 10 being the lightest natural blonde)  which makes things a lot easier. Also hair condition makes a big difference.  

Q:Whats your color process? 
A:I do a heavy weaved foil making sure to get close to the root. When touching up the root I make sure to apply the lightener only to the new growth because pulling it through the ends can cause damage.  I use AVEDA Enlightener with 20 volume for your highlights and AVEDA full spectrum color level 8N with 10 volume for your low lights. I definitely do a lot more highlights then low lights probably every 3 or 4 foils and then i pop in a low light. I make sure you are at a very pale blonde before washing out your foils.  

Q:Do you use a toner or root booster? What's the difference? 
A:Since your natural hair is much lighter than most of my clients i don't have to technically "bump your root" but we do use a toner to soften your natural. We do this to help blend your natural color with the pale blonde and also to remove any unwanted gold. 
The wait is over folks...the question you have all been asking is now answered!!! How do I get Mckenna Bleu's hair so perfectly blonde?! the magic toner Keune Tinta Color 10.7 with 10 volume. It is, in my opinion, THE best toner on the market. It will cancel out all unwanted gold and lets be serious no one wants gold! Bloragne is never ok! 

Q:What maintenance is required? 
A:We do a full foil every other or every third time and maintain it with a partial foil in between about every 4 to 6 weeks. 

Q:My most frequently asked questions are about my hair color, is this look possible for anyone?

A:WELL.......there are many factors to achieving this look successfully. I have to say this is a very difficult look at achieve unless your stylist is fully comfortable with lightening all colors and hair types. For example, being from the north, there are very few women that have naturally light hair. Most of my clients are a natural level 4 (Dark brown) and the process to achieve this look would be much different from yours. My best advice for you readers would be to always have a consultation with their stylist and be sure to bring pictures of your desired look. Key phrases to mention to get this look would be "beige blonde" or "cool blonde". Be sure to emphasize that you want to avoid all gold. 

Q: What daily maintenance do you suggest to keep blondes looking their best?
A:Its very important to use good products. When my other clients ask me "what shampoo should i use?" I always suggest to use a colorsafe shampoo that works best with your color, most of the time a salon product. Yes they are worth the money. I usually insist that my clients buy salon shampoos and give them the go ahead to pick any conditioner they like the smell of or that promises to make your hair soft and smooth. It's the safest way to save a dime. 
Most importantly, every blonde needs to know about purple shampoo! Matrix So Silver is a fantastic product to have in your shower. Use every third shampoo it will help with neutralize the gold tone. 

I hope this helps shed some light on how we keep your hair so fab.... I would love to be able to be of anymore help if your readers have any questions for me.

Straight from my hairdresser's chair to you loves. 
I hope this was helpful, if you have further questions please leave them in the comment section below. 
Thanks to Crystal from Amage Beauty Studio for not only keeping my hair so fabulous, but also sharing her secrets with us! 

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